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Best 7 Vb16ies

  Hitachi 319712 Center Roller (D38) for the Hitachi VB16Y Rebar Cutter and Bender - Well-built with a simple design. Comes with a 30-day limited warranty. Compatible with the hitachi vb16y rebar cutter and bender. Designed for angle attachment assembly. Quick setup is intuitive and easy to use.   Hitachi 314837 Plastic Carrying Case for the

7 Coolest Straight Shank Drill Bits

  Turbomax 73323 Straight Shank Drill Bits - -High speed steel features a black body and gold flute. Han73323 features -self centering tip for clean, fast starts. Use material -metal. Use -drill bits. Unit material -steel. Number of bits -3. 1 pounds. -Jet point® tip for clean entry and faster drilling and stays sharp. -Drills more

18 Greatest Brass Pin Punches

  Mayhew Pro 25703 1/8-Inch Knurled Brass Pin Punch - Since 1856, our punches, chisels, and pry bars have been the go-to tools for oems and professional mechanics throughout the country. When the caliber of the tools is just as important as the skills of the professionals employed, businesses trust mayhew to get the job done.

Best 8 Stub Drill Bits

  1/4 Cobalt Heavy Duty Split Point Stub Drill Bit - They are often used in screw machine setup where spindle clearance is limited. The 135 degree split point is self-centering and reduces thrust. Short, rugged construction performs well in a broad range of materials in the iron and steel families. Ideal for portable or machine

17 Greatest Tack Hammers

  MINTCRAFT JL23004-3L Tack Hammer Wood, 7-Ounce - Meets or exceeds ansi and asme specifications. The handle measures 9-1/4″ in length with a 7oz head weight. The tack hammer is made of drop forge high carbon steel heads with a tempered striking face. Mint craft 7oz tack hammer.   Lot of 5 x 4oz Cross Pein

18 Best 3 Wrenches

  T-Screw Security Picture Hanger Wrenches – Pack of 3 - Used with picture security hardware to install (lock) or uninstall (unlock) art from the wall. Hardened wrench has a stronger notch that will securely fit on the t-screw without slipping. Security wrenches to turn t-head security screws. Security wrench can reach 2 inches behind art/frame.

Best W Tool out of top 14

  3/8″-16 W/ TOOL MACHINE SCREW ANCHOR ZINC ALLOY CONE LEAD SLEEVE W/TOOL | (QUANTITY: 50) - 1/2-inch shanks. 3/16-inch 1/4-inch and 5/16-inch bit sizes. Jet fitting & supply corporation has been providing fasteners since 1946 feel safe when buying from jet. Here is a 3-pc fly cutter set that-inch hard to beat each is supplied

7 Best Aircraft Extension Drill Bits

  Cobalt Aircraft Extension Drill Bit Size: 13/64″ x 6″ - Sizes smaller than 1/16″ have the standard 118 degree point. Ideal for drilling in tough, high tensile strength materials where extra length for reach is required. Made of heat resistant cobalt. Manufactured to aerospace standard 907. 135 degree split point is self-centering and reduces thrust.

Coolest 17 Bowie Hunting Knives

  Blood Moon Bowie Hunting Knife - It takes little to no effort to make a massive cut in just about anything. The dark powder coated blade is stainless steel and features a very sharp edge. The spine of the blade has large serrations for nabbing and shredding. The bright stain color really sets off the

Top 22 for Best Grooved Pulley

  Chicago Die Cast Single V Grooved Pulley A Section Belt Width 3 ” Dia X 1/2 ” Bore Bulk - Automatic slug-ejector prevents clogging. A section belt width. Zinc die cast. For fractional horse power electric motors.   Chicago Die Cast Single V Grooved Pulley A Section Belt Width 3-1/2 ” Dia X 1/2 ”